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MaDeSign interior design studio has been creating unique and impressive projects more than 8 years. Design development, interior arrangement and design project creation are our core business areas. We have successfully designed many living and commercials spaces.

While working with diverse rooms which intended use may vary widely, we consistently offer a high-quality and modern product that means 100% implementable design projects.

MaDeSign studio creates interiors in Russia. Our deliverables include small studios and luxurious country houses, as well as many commercial premises including restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, offices and fitness clubs. We apply a wide range of styles, from brutal loft scenery to elegant classics, from austere minimalist solutions to cozy Provence-style arrangement.

We have a number of cooperation opportunities on offer so that you could order your design project based on your personal needs. You may choose to order a consultation, or a concept project, or all-in design project which includes all necessary engineering drawings and a 3D model of your premises.

Availability of a visualization of your future interior is a doubtless advantage offered as a part of the all-in design project package. It allows you to observe the entire space from any desired point of view. We thoroughly go deep into details with every project and develop smart solutions to create a tailor-made room without any serial duplication

In addition to 3D visualization of a future interior, we prepare all technical drawings. They work like a visual aid for construction staff when assembling parts and installing sanitary equipment, electrical system, fixtures, etc. Such documents form a base for collaboration and easy communication among all the construction & repair process participants.

We also offer designer supervision service during implementation of our projects. It is not easy to predict complexity and suddenness of every task and prepare all answers in advance at the preparation stage. Only designers with vast practical experience being well-focused on construction matters are able to provide good advice and prevent potential harms. It may surprise you, but the most part of enthusiastic feedback comes from our customers specifically upon completion of this – the most complicated – stage of works.

You are invited to explore our website for more details about our services, check real pictures of the implemented projects as well as view our portfolio. You can also send a request to get a tentative quotation for our services.

We love our work and consider it as a continuous inspiration. We source a sense of beauty from exploring new trends and add refinement to our projects. In the course of our daily patient work we create a basis for your happy future life, arranging vibrant surroundings for your best moments.

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